We Provide the following Services

Measuring and Design


Accurate measuring is essential to a well designed kitchen, one inch difference can stop the installation and force a redesign of the kitchen.

Our representative will visit your home and do the following:
1 - take all the necessary measurements
2 - document the type and size of your appliances
3 - discuss with you all the options and make recommendations for the design


All design work is done on the Ikea website using your username and password. This provides you with unlimited access and full control of the project.

We will turn your kitchen idea into reality - no matter how long or how many changes this will take.

Keep in mind we do the structural design only. The final look will be determined by you visiting your local Ikea kitchen center and selecting the style and colour.

Price for this service is $200

Demolition and Removal

Our recommendation is that you do not start the demolition process until your kitchen has been delivered and all the cabinets are on site.

We disconnect your electrical and water supply, than carefully dismantle your whole kitchen including the countertop, appliances and the backsplash. Everything is taken to the local recycling center and receipt is provided.

The best part is, there is no mess for you to clean up.

Price for this service is by quotation only.
It starts at $350 plus disposal fees.

Assembly and Installation

When you submit your plan to us, not only do we give you a quotation but we also study your plan and make recommendations.

On the day of installation, we go over the plans with you, making sure that we have a clear picture of what has to be done. We also check all measurements and verify that the plan will work.

Our team typically consists of two people. We use empty cabinet boxes to protect your floor and anything else of value. Feel free to talk to our crew about any issues or concerns. We are guests in your house and we will respect all your rules.

Construction hardly ever goes according to plan, there are surprises and situations that were not considered earlier. In these situations we contact you immediately and only continue when situation is resolved.


Ikea products were designed and manufactured in a very specific way with emphasis on cost, purpose and accuracy.

To make changes to one component you have to understand the integrity of the product and the concept of how everything works together as one unit. Experience and skills are absolutely necessary. We think outside the cabinet and are able to solve any situation.

Pro Support

There are many reasons why project comes to a stop.
We are here to help. Our Pro is fully equipped with all the necessary tools and knowledge to help in any way possible or to finish the project.


2 hours minimum - $180 (Includes transportation)
Any additional hour - $60
Materials are extra