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What should be done before kitchen gets installed


If you are changing your floor, this should be done prior to your kitchen installation.

Your Ikea kitchen is held by metal rail attached to the wall and the base cabinets also have legs for an additional support. This means your floor should be finished all the way to the wall, trying to save few dollars and not finishing this small area creates problems.


Kitchen cabinets hate water.

When replacing your kitchen, you should have your plumbing inspected by a professional and anything that is even remotely or possibly defective should be replaced, especially the shut off valves. Dishwasher and most fridges now need water connection as well. All work should be done before cabinet installation.

Please avoid using drawers for the sink cabinet. I know Ikea tries to sell these to everyone, but they do not work well, simple doors work just fine.


There are occasions where we have to stop installation because plugs and switches are in the wrong place and electrician has to be called to fix the problem. The countertop is usually 36" of the ground. The upper cabinets are about 18" above the countertop. All switches and plugs should be within that 18" space. Self venting microwaves are usually attached to the cabinet above its location. The back of the microwave does not have the space to plug it in due to the size. The plug should be located in the cabinet just above it. If you are using lights at the top or bottom of the cabinets, there are two possibilities. If there is space between the upper cabinets and the ceiling, the plug should be located there. If there is no space at the top, the plug should be inside the cabinet (We will do the cut out) All appliances need power source as well. If you are not sure if things are in the correct place, you can always draw on your walls where each appliance and cabinet will go and plan accordingly. If you have ceiling lights or other obstructions such as bulkheads, make sure the doors do not hit them when opened.


Your walls should not have any holes. They do not have to be perfectly finished, but they should be in good condition and any damage repaired