This is the most frequent question we are asked and we try to answer it as best we can. Simply click on “Resources” in the top menu and you will find our recommendations. Keep in mind this is a simplified plan and other people and trades do have their own way of doing things.

Experience & Price. We have installed 100’s of kitchen. 99% of our work deals with Ikea products – kitchens, organizers, dressers and vanity units. All our tools are geared to work on Ikea products. We know how to solve any problem. Ikea promotes kitchens as do it yourself project, I will never understand why. Your kitchen is build to last for more than 25 years, let us do the installation so it does.

Our price is based on the Ikea plan and the item list. Prices are calculated based on the number and type of cabinets, number of drawers and the type and size of cover panels. To give you an idea – The following  is a rough estimate: 

Small Kitchen – $1,100          Medium Kitchen – $1,600            Large Kitchen $2,400

To get an exact quote, please go to our “Contact” page and follow the “Quote” instructions.

If there are no complications and all the cabinets and parts are on site:

Small – 1 to 2 days              Medium – 2 to 3 days               Large – 3 to 5 days

There are times when Ikea is out of stock or a number of problems that might delay installation. In these instances we do as much as we can and come back when situation has been resolved. Whenever possible we prepare the base cabinets for countertop measuring. This reduces the length of the project and it is something we are willing to do.

We cover the whole southern Ontario. From Niagara Falls to Kitchener to Barrie  to Scarborough and everything in between. Occasionally we travel outside this area, but we do charge for transportation and accommodations.

Please DON’T !!!     I understand you wish to save money, learn and help the project and speed things up. From our experience the opposite is the result. When somebody else does the assembly, we have to check each cabinet carefully, if something is wrong and often it is, we have to either fix it or dismantle the unit and start again. Few times a year we have situations where people walk away from Ikea installations and we have to fix everything, not only does it delay everything, but it makes things more expensive for you. Please, only hire people with experience. I understand, Ikea promotes these projects as do it yourself. I have seen the results and I do not recommend it. Your kitchen is designed to last for more than 25 years, if not installed properly you will have nothing but problems and annoying situations.

Not really. If you know how to use a measuring tape and a computer – go ahead and have fun with it. We encourage people to get involved with the project. Ikea has a pretty good inhouse support and feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns. If you do not have the skills or the time, we will gladly do it for you – for a fee of course.

Make sure you triple check your measurements – very important.

Ikea has a large selection of cabinets, colours, finishes and hardware. Here are most common items that people choose to get elsewhere:

Door Handles  –  these can be purchased anywhere and makes no difference to the installation process or price.

Lighting  –  these can be purchased anywhere and makes no difference to the installation process or price.

Doors and cover panels  –  There are few companies in Ontario and many across North America that produce custom doors and cover panels specifically for Ikea cabinets. We work together with few of them and we will gladly make recommendations and provide you with their contact info.

Cabinets  –  On some occasions customer requires a specific appliance or a cabinet to be fitted into the kitchen design. This is something we definitely can do for you. Price by quotation only.

Our specialty is Ikea. That is what we are good at and equipped for. Besides kitchens we do all Ikea furniture and storage units. We stay away from kitchens from other manufacturers.

We can not work on your electrical and plumbing – the main reason is that we are not certified and your insurance might refuse to cover you in case of a problem. Other work such as flooring, countertop (laminate countertops are an exception) and backsplash – We are not equipped or experienced to do these jobs. There are jobs like moving cabinets, shelving or something similar that we can definitely help you with. Feel free to contact us with details.